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No, iPhone to iPad tethering will not provide the iPad with a GPS position.. OzRunways works by “asking” the iPad location services for an accurate position. If the iPad decides the position information it is receiving is not enough, it will not pass the position to the OzRunways app.

How to Work With Location Services in iOS 7 – The Mac Observer An example of Location Services in action is where an app will use your location data as well as location search queries you make, to help you find nearby theaters, cafés, or banks to name a few. How To Disable Location Services On iPhone, iPad - How To Aug 14, 2015

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The Location Services setting at the top of the screen turns on the services for all apps. You can also decide which apps can use Location Services. Each app you used that requested your location within the last 24 hours appears in the Location Services screen, showing whether Location Services has been turned on or off for that app. Tap the On