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Nov 03, 2018 Using the SDRplay and SDRTouch on an Android - Jun 15, 2016 How to Listen to Police, Fire Dept., or Pilots on Your Android

Apr 22, 2017

How to assemble a GSM phone based on SDR Mar 13, 2018 rtl sdr - Cell Tower distance measurement - Amateur Radio I am developing a hobby project to detect/measure the distance between my cell phone and a cell tower (GSM tower). I am newbie. I don't even know whether this is possible or not. I have following hardware: Raspberry Pi 3; RTL2832u; I am planning to use OpenBTS and the FreeSwitch stack in the future for advanced feature development.

The display is an old Samsung Galaxy tab, that has found a new life as SDR display. My cell phone works well with it too! I switch between the dongle and my Yaesu 857 D and both compliment each other. Give it some time as you learn the ins and outs. It is exciting to have so much to explore. Very useful to monitor the bands at very low power usage.

Oct 23, 2014 RTL-SDR Cell Phone IMSI, TMSI and Key Sniffer Jan 23, 2015 cell phones - The article describes how an RTL-SDR together with the IMSI-Catcher Linux software can be used to collect IMSI numbers from cellphones connected to a nearby cell tower. The IMSI is a unique number assigned to each SIM card and collecting this data could be used to identify if someone is in the area covered by the cell tower. Cracking GSM With RTL-SDR For Thirty Dollars | Hackaday